See what our clients are saying

  • We deliver highest quality IP to our customers by using Blue Pearl Software’s design tools to analyze our HDL descriptions. The novel verification techniques allow us to detect structural bugs at code integration. We definitely recommend the Blue Pearl Software solution to anyone who needs to increase productivity of their design team.

    Hugues Deneux – R&D Director of PLDA

  • Blue Pearl Software’s latest capability allows us to selectively weigh logic elements and rapidly determine the longest paths rather than wait for long and expensive synthesis runs, thus enabling us to provide reliable products while reducing our design cycle.

    Carl Ruggiero – CEO, Trilinear Technologies

  • Analyze RTL™ enables us to deliver high quality IP to our customers and we have recommended Blue Pearl to our close collaborators. With the UltraFast™ Design Methodology integration, it goes one step further in ensuring compliance with Xilinx devices.

    Brian Daellenbach – President of Northwest Logic

  • Blue Pearl Software’s latest tool allows us to rapidly view design analysis results, including clock domain crossings and timing constraints, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality verification IP available at this time.

    Samir Shroff – VP Engineering, Sibridge Technologies

  • Blue Pearl has allowed us to create a low risk, predictable development cycle that helps generate accurate RTL code, reducing time-consuming iterations.

    Steve Presant – VP of Engineering, c2 Microsystems

  • At Fujitsu, we use Analyze RTL™ from Blue Pearl Software to find bugs in the netlist early when they are easier to fix. From our experience, we can find bugs that could potentially save a tapeout.

    Mike James – Director, VLSI Technology, Fujitsu

  • Using SDC helped us quickly generate timing exception constraints that improved the timing on our design by 30% after synthesis and placement in a Magma flow.

    Joe Dao – CAD Manager, Aeluros

  • We use SDC to generate timing exceptions for our challenging design blocks for Palmchip SoC Platform and IP blocks and have found that Cobalt runs very fast and produces accurate constraints at RTL.

    Jauher Zaidi – CEO Palmchip Corporation