Just Do It. Users want results not technology. Who cares if a Structural Analysis tool is using Formal Verification?

  • One-hour session: 9:00 AM PT, Tuesday May 8th, 2018
  • Presenter: Scott Aron Bloom, CTO Blue Pearl Software.


Formal Verification (FV) has crossed the chasm, and is simply another tool in the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company’s toolbelt for solving problems. The problem is, EDA has really become ED. EDA companies have moved away from automation, and instead highlight their latest and greatest technology. These same vendors will give keys to that new technology, and then turn around and charge for consulting services to effectively use it. This is not automation, its simply Electronic Design.

Push-button automation is needed for Structural Analysis of RTL designs. Setup the design, tell the tool what checks to run, and the tool should report failures that are easy to understand and find. In this Webinar I will explain what types of analysis where FV is the right tool in the toolbox for Static Analysis. However, I will show that requiring the user to become an expert in formal, understanding assertion-driven analysis, what asserts should be used and where, to learn a new language all to find these complex corner case analysis issues, is the wrong approach.

Blue Pearl’s approach, is to focus on the `A’ in EDA. You don’t have to be an expert in formal verification to get expert results, let me show you how you can JUST DO IT.

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