Debugging Environment


Only designers who make no mistakes can avoid debugging. The question is, how fast can you debug? That depends largely on how clearly the issues identified by your tools are presented. A good debugging environment can save hours of frustration and tedium.

To quickly find pre-simulation and synthesis problems in chip designs, designer use RTL lint. However, traditional RTL analysis tool or linters are difficult to use because of these issues:


  • Links from log files messages to RTL code and schematic
  • Search for any object (pin, port, net, instance) in the design hierarchy
  • Ability to filter messages to group and prioritize messages
  • Full or pruned schematic to visualize the design problem
  • Fast schematic trace forward or backward in the design from any net or pin to find driving gate or Flip-flop to understand the context of the problem.

Eliminate Frustration and Save Time

Now you won’t need to use external third party debugging tools such as Verdi3™ to navigate and trace though the design, or use grep and PERL scripts to load messages into Excel for sorting and categorization of information that wasn’t presented clearly in the first place.


Pinpoint the Problem and Fix It at the Source

Fast debug is critical to efficiently fixing problems identified by lint. Blue Pearl Software offers a debugging environment to help users quickly understand the message and determine if it is a problem to be fixed or ignored.